Money matters. But love, your lifework & community matter more.


Imagine waking up every day smiling because you deeply love your work, it's growing steadily and you're surrounded by inspiring and supportive people. 

Finding your life's work and growing it into a thriving business or career takes determination, killer planning skills and plenty of support. That's why I created Worth The Journey.

I'm Noé, your coach, and my mission is to grow a body of resources and community dedicated to showing the world that anybody can shift into the work that lights them up through introspection, practical tools and community.

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What does it take to break free of the 9-5 hamster wheel and kick butt in business?One word: Planning. Follow the all-stars like David Allen & Tony Robbins and get going with your world-changing plans!

Are you considering the often scary leap into a life of passion-only work? Are you bogged down keeping up your business activity? If yes, you're ready for dynamite support.

Everyone should have free access to the tools they need to change their lives. This blog of practical articles and stories will support you on your journey to following your bliss, and making a big impact.

What They're Saying...

One of the best decisions I’ve made recently was to commit to three-months of Career Coaching with Noé! I always feel charged and excited after a session with him. I feel that he meets me where I’m at, but also gives gentle pushes in the right way.
— Emily Buffi
Noé patiently listened to the thoughts and ideas spewing from my mouth and helped me map them, understand which ones were important and begin a plan to take my ideas and put them into action.
— Ben Barker
Noé shares his wisdom and insight generously, he had some great ideas and was spot on with many of his observations. His advice comes from first hand experience of what works and what doesn’t. I definitely recommend coaching with him.
— Vandana Verma